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Salt Services
Salt Readings
1.Soul Reading from the pure cosmos of Salts

The Salt Worlds have the gift of knowledge and wisdom – about everything and everybody and also about YOU! Salt can heal information gaps in your system, so that you are able to remember yourself and become more complete.
A Salt Reading is for you, when you have these questions inside:
Do you want to know more about yourself and your purpose in life?
Why you are here at this moment in life?
Are you longing to get in contact with the voice and energy of your soul?
Do you want to know more about who you are and where you come from?

The Salt Soul Reading is a very special experience as you might have the feeling that for the very first time you are in touch with innermost being. When you receive the recording you might feel a bit nervous and your heart is beating fast. When you then hear the recording you will feel the energy that comes directly from your own soul heaven! This brings you immediate healing in the connection of your soul with your being on Earth at the moment.
Salt Soul Reading
About 10 – 30 min recorded and emailed to you.
Price: 750 euro

2. Salt Soul Reading and Healing Song of your heaven for your soul

Also recorded your individual Healing Song which is from your heaven for you to remember your soul.
You can listen to your individual Soul Healing Song your whole live, whenever you need the sound of your soul.
About 10 – 30 min recorded and emailed to you.
Price : 750 euro

3. Salt Soul Reading, Healing Song and your Soul Salt

Also recorded your individual Healing Song which is from your heaven for you to remember your soul. You can listen to your individual Soul Healing Song your whole live, whenever you are need the sound of your soul.
Your individual Soul Salt which contains a huge healing potential for you. Also the information you need to live your soul qualities to their full potential on Earth. You can use it life long.
About 10 – 30 min recorded and emailed to you.
Price: 900 euro

4. “Soul Salt Crystal” Connect and unite with your soul

Salica will energize the Soul Salt Crystal especially for you.
It contains all information is needed to connect you again on a deeper level with your soul and to open yourself for your heaven.
The reason for unhappiness and feeling lost in life often is that one has lost the conscious connection to his soul. Your soul has everything you need to live a fulfilled life – you just hast to communicate with your soul. The Soul Salt Crystal opens yourself more for your soul qualities and will connect you through your heart with your entire light being.
You will experience deep healing and changes in your life. How to use:
You receive an individual therapy plan, how to use the Soul Salt Crystal. Usually one has to put it on the body, most in combination with meditation and a mantra.
Individually for you, energized “Soul Salt Crystal” including your therapy plan:
Price: 180 Euro

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Salt-stone to connect your Heaven with Earth

Special Services​
Karma Release
The grace of this time is immense. Issues and traumas which you have brought from other lives are dissolved in this blessed time easier than ever before in the evolution of man. So if you have established devotion to yourself and if your first purpose is to free yourself and all others to whom you have previously been connected, you may pray with every part of your being to be just light and love – may be it will be enough to dissolve step by step the boundaries, guilt and blockages from earlier lives.
If you see, that there is a theme which bothers you a lot and you feel that it is connected to another past live you may contact me for support.
I can examine whether it is time to support you to dissolve some Karma boundaries. It depends on “Om Namah Shivaya” – which means about: “May your will (GOD) come through, not mine”.
Price: 500 Euro

Life is not always easy. Women become pregnant in phases of life where their situation is difficult and they cannot find another solution other than abortion.
Even if woman feels relief in taking this decision and feels free again, it is possible, that years later illnesses of the body and soul turn up that originate from the abortion years before.
The whole bodily system of a woman is traumatized by an abortion, as it is a disruption of a natural physical process which has started. If this trauma is not treated at once after the abortion, there exists the potential for unpredictable long – term problems to the woman`s spiritual and physical health. In most of the cases the trauma for the woman is worse than for the soul/child which has not been born.
Frequently the woman may also feel guilty (consciously – unconsciously) because she chose not to give birth to a baby/soul. This “feeling guilty” may cause various symptoms. As if punishing themselves, women who want to become pregnant years after the abortion sometimes find that they cannot, even with medical assistance for conception and this phenomenon can originate from the abortion.
The ceremony for women with the experience of abortion is a very deep healing process which is done in an individual way for every woman. It brings peace and forgiveness to the woman and the un–born soul.
Price: 300 Euro

It is a 21 day long ceremony you can do by your own at your place – supported by the deeply transformative power of the forgiveness salt.
Free yourself from guilt and being treated badly in the past – in this life and in previous lives. Forgiving yourself and others is one of the most important steps towards recognising yourself without the burden of the past. For more information please contact.
Price: 50 Euro

Ceremony for women with the experience of abortion
Forgiveness Ceremony
 Master Feng Shui
Master Feng Shui
– with the power and purity of Salts and Fire

This is a special and powerful cleansing and shifting up the energy on the level which fits you on your path/the path of your family members/company. This can be applied to your private home as well as your business property.

It`s all about Energy

Feng Shui says: The place you are living is a mirror of your soul.
You might know, that the atmosphere around you influences you. So because everything is energy (another name is Chi), it is very important to take care of the places where you live and work. If the energy level at your home or workplace is on a low level or is full of difficult energies, it will influence you – maybe you feel weak and often tired, you may show signs of depression or illness. Perhaps your work or business is not going well e.g. unmotivated employees, high expenses, less income, unsatisfied customers…

What you can expect from a Master Feng Shui Consultation:
Master Feng Shui changes the energy directly in a way that is good for you and for all the world. It creates spaces where you can live, work and experience an uplifted mood, harmony and with success on Your path.
Old, burdened – polluted energy will be eliminated and the rooms are filled with light. The history of a place or a building is neutralized as much as possible.
This kind of Feng Shui almost needs no change of your furniture, simply some additional advice on colours can be given.

How it works
Master Feng Shui is an energetic method (you could compare it with acupuncture) to shift your living in a holistic way. And its combination with the power and purity of Salts and Fire, is very special and powerful. You can be sure that the decision to use Master Feng Shui will nourish you all your life.

The Master Feng Shui includes the analysis, clearing and changing of energies in your house/property/garden as well as a consultation in which we talk about the results of the work and which changes you should make in your life. The change of the energy level in the rooms you live will cause also changes in yourself. You will receive a script – with the important information about the energy you are living in and if necessary also a “to-do” list.

Price Basic Feng Shui:
The price for a Master Feng Shui consultation depends on the square footage and the complexity of the project. Usually the price is about 8 Euro (private) – 12 Euro (business)/ square metre. Additional the cost for travel expenses.
Please contact for further information.

Additional Specialities:

If you wish there is also the possibility to do a Cosmogram of your place. This is a reading of the cosmic energy at your place, which considers also the influence of planets. It is a painting which will remind you always of the special energy the place you live has got and what it means for you. 
Price: 150 Euro

Chakra & 5 Elements
Every room, every house, every garden can be treated also through the Chakra system and the 5 Elements. These 2 systems of creations exist everywhere on Earth and also inside of us. So the Chakra & 5 element Systems of the rooms we are living in are always connected with our own Chakra & 5 Element System. Balancing these Systems in your rooms will also affect you positively.
Price: 150 Euro

Power Place 
A Power Place is a creation especially for you with the energy you need most. For example: peace, your soul energy, spiritual helpers, your path…It can be a place in your rooms or outdoors.
Price: 150 Euro

The Bagua is like the energetic building plan inside of your room. It contains all parts of your life: family, knowledge, abundance, relationship, children, creativity….To bring Bagua into balance energetically and into existent awareness is a great gift for you – it will influence your life deeply and it creates a field of power in your home. It brings your life plan into matter through the 9 aspects of the Bagua. Often it takes some time and it is possible just to activate 1 or 2 aspects of the Bagua.
Bagua: 100 Euro for each aspect