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Salica Shakti Center Heraklion/Crete
What is a Lightcenter?
A Lightcenter is a place, open for everyone who is looking for transformation, healing, silence, peace and love. It is always a place with healing qualities which offers you support at the point you are at the moment in your life.
Lightcenters in the Tradition of Fire – Agni , are founded at special places on Earth – power places, where a huge amount of energy flows between Heaven and Earth.
The Salica Shakti Center supports the increase of love, peace and light in Iraklio, on Crete and from there it spreads in all directions over the world. It supports the transformation process of Earth and mankind, the awareness shift and it is a place where people can find refuge in challenging times. The energy of the Lightcenter may also let you recognize your true nature more easily, bringing peace and fulfilment to your life.
There is a harmony in the balancing of the female (Shakti) and the male (Shiva) energy in everybody and on Earth in generally.
Salica Shakti Center is dedicated to the Divine Mother.
You can join the weekly open meditation group on Wednesdays or transformative Fire ceremonies for free.
Please contact us for the actual program. You are also welcome to make an appointment for a therapy session.

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Peace Blessings
During the Blessing you will be deeply connected to your soul source. This reminds you of your place in life and on Earth and you receive the power to take the next step towards it. Taking your place in life brings you Inner Peace. It’s your duty to yourself and for Peace on Earth.

Admission Peace blessing: free
If you are interested to organizate this event, please contact us for information and booking

Scheduled Events & Seminars for 2017

Silent Satsang
Satsang is the encounter with a Spiritual Master to find truth and awakening. 
The presence of the Master can bring you a shift in consciousness.
In the “Silent Satsang” with Salica you can also ask your questions silently in your heart and you will receive the answers in your heart.
Admission Silent Satsang: 20 Euro are recommended – Donations for building up a Spiritual Healing Center on Crete are welcome.
If you are interested to organizate this seminar, please contact us for information and booking.

The Path Into Light
after Agni Eickermann
Become your most radiant self and be happy – highly recommended 6 days seminar.
The Path into Light is a deeply transformative and enlightening seminar which offers you the opportunity for big changes in your energy level in a very short time, which will affect your life long after the seminar has ended.
It is one of the most powerful seminars of our time: you can leave behind your burdens, immerse yourself in the Golden Age with all of your being and learn how to live on a high energy level based on unconditional love – beginning with self love.
You will feel reborn through the liberation from old structures and roles. By knowing and following your OWN path, you will become a radiant light in the world.
The strong and loving Guidance of the 8 seminar helpers will support you even in the most difficult moments to stay on your path. Happiness and bliss will become your true nature, Peace and Love will be your source. If you feel the call in your heart, you are very welcome to join this seminar!
Come and dare to be Yourself!

In the first two days, we will encounter our personal energetic blockages and dissolve them, so that we can become freer and happier. We will reconnect with the light that we experienced in our past lives. We will come into contact with the 8 Seminar Guides.
The third and fourth day will be devoted to the recognition of our path and to the dissolution of our old habits and conditioning. At the same time, different levels of light will become available to us. We will practice applying them to our everyday life.
On days five and six we will become more aware of our light essence. The encounters with the 8 Seminar Guides will become more intense. We will realize our responsibilities for ourselves and for the world. We will begin to experience our union with all of creation. At the end of the seminar, we will have the opportunity to receive additional guidance about our individual purpose and direction in life.

COME and JOIN into this intense six-day journey to find out WHO you REALLY are.
DEVOTE yourself to YOURSELF.
Take the CHANCE to cleanse and strengthen your ENERGY.
Find YOUR path! Walk DEEPER on it! BELIEVE in yourself!
Experience deeply your energy centers (chakras) and how to use them in daily life.
It`s time to take back your power and to show yourself to the world!
Love yourself. Live unconditional love. Learn to use it as healing energy.
Recognize, that you will be never alone again – the spiritual guides are always with you.
Are you interested in the deeper reason why you are in this life?
Learn your life Task!
Come and you will see!

Would you like to bring this seminar to your place – we will do everything to make it happen!
Price: 1100 euro and 1800 euro for people coming from abroad.


  •  I understood many things about myself in this seminar. Through more and more self – knowledge YOUR path opens – the reason why you came to earth. Everything else will bring problems in your life.   
    ​ Mairi
  • For every one of us, there is an own path into light. Our duty is to find it, to walk it and to help others to find theirs. A seminar only for thus who love life.
  • The Path Into light is a revolutionary act of pure Love
     Alinea Smaragda
My Vision is a Spiritual Healing Center – a modern kind of Ashram – where Spirituality is practiced in a very earthly way. Heaven on Earth.
The living there will be in the best possible way of living in harmony with Mother Earth and all living beings.
A place where you can come to live and work (Seva) for some time and also receive healing for yourself.
Salt Healing Center: various kind of Salt Therapies and also trainings for Salt Healer
Yearly spiritual gatherings for people from all over the world
There will be a kind of kindergarten, where children are allowed to be children and to have the essential experience to be constantly in contact with nature and animals. They will also experience that unconditional love, compassion, peace and light are qualities which are very important and should be the basis of their live.
Animal Rescue Center
Manufacture of Salt Healing Products
If you want to support this vision please contact us. 

Salica Shakti Center Events 
  1. Febr 18-19 2017
    The Path Into Light
    Heraklion - Crete Salica Shakti Center Price: 1100 euro 1800 euro for people coming from abroad
    6days Deep transformative seminar. training: 18-19 Feb / 18-19 March / 1-2 Apr training: 14 -19 August 2017
  2. April 28 2017
    Communication with the World of Nature
    Heraklion - Crete Salica Shakti Center Price: 80 euro
    Communication with fairies - light drakons - unicorns Saturday 28 April 10:00 -18:00
  3. Nov 4-5 2017
    Family Karma Release
    Price: 1000 euro
    Peace in the Past, Peace in the Fututre 10:00 - 18:00 The seminar will be held also in Cyprus 26-27 November
  4. Feb 8 - June 21 2017
    Peace Blessings & Silent Satsang
    Price: Donations
    At Salica Shakti Center 19:30 -20:30
  5. Dec 09-10 2017
    Salting your Essenses
    Price: 500 euro
    At Salica Shakti Center 19:30 -20:30
  6. MAY 12-20 2017
    Salica Healing School
    International training for Salt -Healers combination of the training- yoga practice/ excursions/ earth healing/holidays Price: 1600 euro for Crete trainings.
    1st training: 12-20 May Crete/Heraklion 2nd training: 5-11 June -Amritabha/ France 3rd training: 16 -24 September Crete -Heraklion 4th training: 21 -27 0ctober Madeira -Portugal 5th training: 11 -19 November Jordan -Dead Sea - Israel
  7. Jul 1 -7 2017
    Aphrodite's Call
    A retreat for women only A combination of the spiritual training, energy massage, daily hatha yoga practice and holidays. On Cyprus -Latchi
  8. Dhuni & Shakti
    Price: Free
    February 5 - March 12 - April 2 - May 7 Sunday morning: 08:00 -09:00
  1. Salica Shakti Center
    Salica Shakti Center
  2. During meditation
    During meditation
  3. Salt products
    Salt products
  4. Training The Path Into Light
    Training The Path Into Light
  5. Inauguration with Agni Eickermann
    Inauguration with Agni Eickermann
  6. inauguration day
    inauguration day
  7. Healing with Shakti fire
    Healing with Shakti fire
  8. Shakti Fire
    Shakti Fire
  9. Shakti & Dhuni
    Shakti & Dhuni
  10. Shiva Lingam
    Shiva Lingam
  11. Seva time
    Seva time
  12. amazying life in the seva garden
    amazying life in the seva garden
  13. Nanar shares experiences form Haidakan Babaji's ashram
    Nanar shares experiences form Haidakan Babaji's ashram
  14. seva at the countryside
    seva at the countryside
  15. Salt healing for the cat
    Salt healing for the cat
  16. Yoga time
    Yoga time