The Salt of the Earth


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The Healing School of Salica Level I
The Salt of the Earth
Salt Priestesses and Priests of all times, you are now called to show yourselves again and provide your sacred service for the earth, for mankind and for all beings. Your tasks are to protect the salt in its purity, to assist the humans in their being on earth and to support them in the adaptation of light (the unity of physical and light body) with your healing knowledge of the salt.
Since the beginning of the creation of Earth, the Salt energies have been the direct light connection between Heaven and Earth. Through this continuous flow, the Earth and all beings on it have always been fed with divine light, wisdom and the awareness that they all come from one source: you can call it Goddess, God or Light.

With the passage of time on Earth these connections were cut or blocked, so a big regression started and became increasing strong. As a result the war between darkness and light arose and polarity increased. People forgot that they are essentially divine beings.
Now we are living in a very special time – we are at the beginning of the Golden Age. It is a huge transition process, extensive and significant with big changes, time is speeding up, leading to the arising of awareness in people who wake up and remember again who they are. It is a blessing to be on Earth at the moment. Even if it is for many of us very challenging – never before was it possible to take such big steps in such a very short period of time.

The Salts are one of the most important energies for this process: The connections between Heaven and Earth are becoming stronger again. The more Salt energy flows on Earth, the more awareness and awakening is possible. Salt helps you to recognize who you are. It makes you shine brightly. It is the basis forPeace on Earth. 

A new cycle of creation starts for the Salts as well – old healing knowledge is born anew for this time of transition. Let us saturate the Earth with the consciousness of God through the Salts, so that the people are fed with the Divine Light and are enabled to awake by themselves. Salt is one of the most essential energies for lighting up the Earth and bringing back divine peace and truth to mankind.

You will receive initiations during the training, so you can give healing therapy with the Salt Energies. We also give 21 energized Salt Products for the chakras, the body and to add to your food. These are characterized by there deep healing potential, crystalline purity and divine energy.
One of your duties as a Salt Priestess or Priest will also be to perform rituals for the Earth and the Salts. You will be able to give deep healing therapies, massage and spa treatments and you can combine your new knowledge with your own business.

The sacred teaching of the Salts was reborn in Crete and is now spreading all over the world. It`s a great blessing for every place, where the seminar takes place, as the Earth healing will offer benefits for mankind and nature. The 7 power places that are associated with the Salts and the chakras may be activated once again. The deepest healing you will see in yourself – as you become reconnected to your soul source, a powerful transformation and a newborn YOU!
In every place in the world where the seminar “The Salt of the Earth” is held, the connections of Salt flow between Heaven and Earth are created new or strengthened.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you in one of the seminars!


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There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea.

— Khalil Gibran, Sand and Foam

The Healing School of Salica
Heraklion -Crete 2016 April
The training took place on Crete Heraklion
on Apri 2016.
It was a combination of the international training for Salt - Healers,
daily ashtanga yoga practice,,
excursion to energy places arounf Heraklion for enrgy work and earth healing,
hicking to mount Youchtas, and the Minoan Peak, also small holidays taking pleasure the crystal clera waters of the Kretan sea.
Is Salt just for Cooking
You know Salt from using it in daily life for your food. This is the physical form of Salt. Salt itself is so essential for us that we have forgotten how much we need the contact with the Salt energies. The Earth itself is saturated with Salts (sea, earth, air…) and also our bodies contain a lot of Salt – for example our blood is, in its composition, very similar the primeval sea.
And so it follows, that the Salt energy is a very important healing and transformation method.

Why to choose Salt-Healing?
We need Salts not only in their physical form but also as Salt Energies. We can cure a lot of illnesses with Salt- Healing, as the Salt Energy contains the information how a balanced and healthy state of body, mind and soul should be.
All life on Earth is based on Water, Salt and Light. Recognizing the value of Salt is itself healing – and so you can see also your own value.

The cosmos of the Energetic Salts nourishes the Earth with Light from beginning of time.
The Salt flow between Heaven and Earth is becoming stronger again, as the time has come to remind mankind of its source. It contains a huge abundance of (healing) knowledge, wisdom and purity. The Salts bring healing to everyone, who dares to live herself/himself which means her/his own light.

What can you do with Salt-Healing?
Generally Salt-healing fits every kind of illness on every level (body, mind, soul). Here you should not – healing means not in every case immediate relief from the illness, but to begin the steps forward for the healing of the whole person and soul. This can be for example to forgive somebody.
As a Salt-Priestess/Priest you recognize at once the deeper context of a situation and so you can bring the healing impulse to the basic point. You will see also unconscious and unreleased themes, fears and traumas of your clients and you will guide them very clearly on their healing path.
You will always be connected with the Universe of the Salts – you will receive pure advice about what you have to do at every moment with your clients.
You can offer healing sessions, deep healing massages, healing group meditations, Salt ceremonies and other therapeutic healing gatherings.
Children: They really love Salt-Healing! Phenomena of our days such as Autism, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder can be treated as children are very receptive to Salt-Healing, maybe because they feel recognized for what they are, for the very first time in life.

Be the Salt of the Earth!
Over the last decades many people have become more aware of themselves. Many of them awaken in their own light and their consciousness increases.
At the same time we see increasing polarity leading to war and disrespect for nature and animals. Suddenly we are affected by serious illnesses, life crises, depression, and burnout and so on.
Only if light comes into the darkness can you see what`s inside the darkness. As the intensity of light steadily increases this is an uplifting experience for a lot of people in their own light – but the one who wants to keep his old structures will suffer from it. Salt always offers clarity and dissolves darkness.

What do you personally gain from becoming a Salt healer?
In the training you will remember who you really are. Your devotion to the Salt dissolves the burden of your past and you can show yourself again with your true shining nature.
To become aware of the value of the Salt means also to heal yourself and to see your own true value. This will guide people to you, because you will just shine like Salt and so attract people like a magnet. You will be a guide for those who are looking for support.
After the training you will be consciously the Salt of the Earth – you carry the light wherever you are. Therefore you will speed up everybody around you.
You take your own place in existence and you let your light shine brightly! The time will come, when all people are ready to do the same- this will be the day when divine peace will arise on Earth!

Training contents:
  • Understanding and learning about the new Salt medicine method
  • Diagnose the true causes of disease and their correlation with body, mind and soul
  • Initiations: access to the Salt healing levels
  • Connection and integration of light body and physical body
  • Salt as an essential element for mankind on Earth
  • Dissolving traumas
  • How to use the Energized Healing Light Salts
  • Your vision and the visions of the Earth
  • The magic of Salt
  • Salt as the Elixir of life

Daily program of the seminar:
1st day: Root Chakra:
Overcoming resistances in our physical existence. Unity of matter and light.
2nd day: Navel Chakra:
Connecting the soul`s knowledge with the body.
3rd day: Solar-plexus Chakra:
Cure of the Atlantian trauma. Deep peace in ourselves and the Earth.
4th day: Heart Chakra:
Release and healing of the wounded hearts. Awakening of Love.
5th day: Throat Chakra:
Communication with your soul.
6th day: Third Eye Chakra:
Initiation of ones own starlight. Deep relaxation.
7th day: Lotus Chakra:
Initiation of the Salt Priestesses/Priest. Experience of God in ones self and nature.

During the seminar you are kindly asked to follow a vegan/vegetarian diet and to avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol. This supports you to come easily through the energy changes during the seminar.
If you want to prepare yourself best, you can start a plant-based diet before the seminar starts.
I want you to be aware! Awareness does not stop at your plate. Mission: Peace on Earth.
Thank you.